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Cosmetic Acupuncture

Marie Claire As far as needle phobias go, my friend Sophie’s got it pretty bad. She once told me about the time she went to hospital to have a minor mole removed. During the consultation, the doctor kindly decided to walk her through the process and, when he mentioned the needle involved, she promptly conked out, hit her head on his marble desk and spent the rest of the day under watch in case she had concussion. Me, I’m not anywhere near Sophie’s level of trypanophobia (yes, there is a name for each and every phobia imaginable if you google hard enough), but I’m no fan and have in my thirty years on the planet therefore avoided broaching needles for any purposes other than strictly medical. But then I started to hear good things about facial acupuncture and, more particularly, about  John Tsagaris . John is something of an industry legend, you see, and the softly-spoken and eminently calm Greek has treated about every beauty editor worth their salt; those were needle-wielding hands I really wanted on my face. After procuring an appointment, I bumbled to his clinic in Chelsea to see what all the fuss was about. While a little excited, I was in all honesty mostly terrified at the idea of my face being stuffed with needles. Thankfully, John takes a holistic approach and spent a good half hour discussing my lifestyle, dietary habits and niggling anxieties before the treatment, during which I started to relax a little.

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